Elfrida Five Acre Pecan Farm
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Elfrida Five Acre Pecan Farm

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Elfrida five acre property

The pictures aren't too good as my camera doesn't work in low light, but you'll get the idea.  I should have taken more of the grove of trees, but it's about 15 trees by 15 trees, the rows. 

Autumn 2007

When I Had Curly Hair

May 2008

Gravel road? I think view as you pull onto it from highway.

View of small pecan trees

Partial view of a row of pecan trees

Entrance gate off highway and large pecan tree

View of house from entrance gate

More rows of pecan trees, row goes very far back

Brick area in living room where wood or gas stove goes

Side of house from back of house, patio area

Entrance to root cellar

Root cellar door closed from outside (lays flat on ground)

Blurred picture of kitchen

Kitchen cabinets and fridge

View from halfway back in living room of kitchen

Another view of kitchen

Mike in living room (dark since curtains are closed)

Part of the ceiling falling in


Mike in bathroom

Bedroom picture didn't come out too well

View of back of house with cooler on top

Trees? Picture didn't turn out too well. Not sure what it is.

Front view of house, looks better in person

Another kitchen wood stove area picture

Rows of pecan trees (smaller ones)


Rows of pecan trees, go far back maybe 15 trees to a row by 15 trees

View from patio area? Trees not clear in front, bigger ones in backround